ORHF Redux

July 7, 2014 Comments Off on ORHF Redux
ORHF Redux

The Construct Foundation is a new Portland-based foundation focused on education. Construct not only needed a mobile-friendly, cost
clean and warm website but also needed help developing their social media channels–LinkedIn, Twitter and an electronic newsletter/blog.
With my help the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation launched a new site back in December of 2011. At that point they were in a capital campaign focused on raising the money to open the long-hoped-for Rail Heritage Center. Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and the Rail Heritage Center is a year old and the website needed a new look, help
new focus and new content. Using a new mobile-responsive WordPress theme I helped ORHF pull in their social media content to the website, highlight the rotating exhibits at the Center and simplify their online donation systems.

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