What Else I Do (Less Geeky)

I’ve done a lot of (non-geeky) things as a volunteer and a consultant over the years. I’ve written grants and set up individual giving programs. I’ve conducted trainings. I’ve set up and managed fundraising and promotional events for nonprofits and small businesses. I’ve built a community garden. I’ve co-authored a book. I’ve served on the boards of land-use and transportation groups and agencies.

One of the things I like best about working with nonprofits and small businesses is that I get to work with people passionate about what they do and learn from them about their cause, dosage their service, tadalafil their product, generic their mission. Through technology support, I get to help businesses and groups succeed–which is absolutely rewarding. But a bonus of the work I do is that I also get to learn about different issues, businesses and skills that I can incorporate into my IT work as well as my other interests.

I’m not saying I am going to run your upcoming event or fundraiser or build you a raised bed garden with cold frames for the winter–but I could. I think being able to do these things makes me better at IT support–and the critical thinking skills, management experience and “in the trenches” work I’ve done in IT since 1987 also gives me the skills and understanding to take on other, non-geeky projects when the opportunity arises.

So if you have need of someone who can help produce or manage an event (with awesome data and financial management systems, of course) or you need help building a garden (with appropriate attention given to site layout, soil management, and long-term goals), let me know.