Communications & Social Media

Facebook, shop Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Social media has its place (sometimes a very important place, sometimes a minor place) in a business or nonprofit communications strategy. Despite (or maybe because of) the growth of social media, however, I feel that web and email are still the cornerstones of a successful online communication plan and that social media should weave into these tools.

What I can provide are the tools and strategies to help you:

  • select the appropriate online tools to communicate to your customers and constituents
  • connect those tools in a cost-effective and simple approach to help you outreach through multiple online communication channels
  • build attractive, low-cost email subscription and email distribution tools such as RSS-driven email newsletters and custom email newsletters
  • track your progress in building an online customer or constituent list (think Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers, Email newsletter subscribers) and measure the¬†impact you are having reaching those customers and constituents

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