Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, page at its most basic, making sure Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines (there are others?) can find your website when people type in relevant words into a search.

There are companies both big and small that specialize in SEO and if you want to be at the very top of Google’s search results for specific keywords (and are willing to pay the SEO company rates), you should definitely work with an SEO specialist.

With every web client, I make sure that at a minimum:

  • we are embedding relevant keywords and descriptions into “meta” tags, and using those keywords in initial sentences on key pages, page titles and posts
  • we are submitting your site and up-to-date sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • we are reviewing the keywords your peers (or competitors) are using to drive traffic to their websites
  • we are using appropriate tools (such as Google’s Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics) to track how visitors are finding your site and what keywords they are using to get to your site and use that information to fine-tune your SEO over time
  • we are building links to your site from other websites, blogs, Facebook Pages, etc. to increase your website’s visibility and search results ranking

Your website might be the most amazing, relevant and beautiful site ever built but it won’t matter if no one can find it. SEO can help your site stand out from the crowd.