Small Office IT Support

I got my start training students how to use “Reveal Codes” in WordPerfect 3.1 for DOS and recovering corrupted WordStar documents from old CPM “luggables”. If none of that means anything to you, read consider yourself lucky. If it does mean something to you, neuropathist well, somethings you just can never forget, unfortunately.

I’ve been providing small office IT support for 25 years. I can help you:

  • evaluate your current equipment to upgrade where practical and plan on refreshing when possible
  • purchase and install Windows and Apple desktops, laptops and tablets into office networks
  • create “cloud-based” data storage systems to allow for multiple office data sharing, off-site/remote data access, continuous data backups, and redundant data storage
  • set up wired and wireless network for computers, printers and¬†peripherals
  • integrate smart phones into your business or organization for email, communication and data sharing
  • set up email hosting and appropriate email software for your staff
  • clean viruses from your systems and help keep your system virus and malware free

I can also diagnose and troubleshoot most Windows OS issues, perform hardware upgrades and (some) hardware repairs, provide documentation and training on your systems, and connect you to the resources you need to keep your office IT systems running smoothly.