Technology Assessment

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it is important what technology you select and use. Sure, viagra sale
it might seem that running to the local computer or office store and picking up the cheapest computer you find is the right choice. And it may be. But having a plan to guide your purchases of hardware and software that is tied to your business plan and/or organizational goals can save you a lot of money and headache and make the difference between success and failure.

A technology assessment means that I:

  • evaluate your current technology (hardware, software, online tools, hosting environment, internet service provider–the works)
  • review any existing business plans and program/project descriptions as well as interview key staff to see how technology is currently being employed and how it could be used moving forward
  • build a set of immediate and medium/long-term recommendations based upon current technology and your business plan that will help you best meet your goals and objectives

A technology assessment can take many forms depending on your needs. It could be a quick 3-5 hour “mini-assessment”. It could be a 20-40 hour overview of your office systems, your data management and your web/email/social media tools and strategy. It could be a detailed and in-depth review of one specific need (such as helping you identify a tool to better manage inventory, customer relations, email communications, data management).

Whatever form it takes, a solid technology assessment and plan that integrates with your strategic business plan and is tied to your goals and mission will help you be more efficient and effective–and will tell you whether buying that cheap PC is the right choice or going to cost you.




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